Any plugins or scripts that can add maps in game from Earth?

A week ago, I had this idea for a plane game, and I am undoubtedly professional at scripting. But the only problem is that I am EXCEEDINGLY lazy when making maps because I want the map to be huge, and I could have hire builders by saying, "Hey, build maps for my game, I’ll pay you robUSX9SODHS. NO, I wanted to know if any plugins or scripts can make an intensively huge map or make a 1x1 resolution scale of Earth, so I can edit the buildings to make it “realistic,” and a “huge” realistic terrain map. No, I meant that huge, 30k - 100k studs size.

Lol, who needs builders when I can do that.

YOOO ME, BRO, I need builders, but I’m immensely broke to hire!

TL:DR: Any plugins or scripts that can make IRL maps as places and terrain for my plane game?


I don’t even know where to begin, but no, there aren’t any plugins.

This is about as close as you’ll get to what you’re looking for, I think.

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Seems like this is the closest thing since I don’t see other plugins or scripts which can possibly do that.

What makes up disappointed is when the maximum size to create a region is way too small. I certainly hope the creator of the plugin can allow them to load the city in any size or at least add less limit to it, like 5000 square kilometers or more.