Any tips for getting these NCS songs to pass through moderation?

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So about a month ago, I uploaded 8 songs from NoCopyrightSounds, and only 3 of them managed to pass through moderation, which makes no sense to me. I put NCS in the title and gave them credit in the desc, but they were still taken down due to copyright violations. In a couple days, I have the chance to try again as my monthly 10 audio limit is going to be reset. Any tips on how I could get all of the remaining songs pass through moderation this time?

Honestly, this topic wouldn’t even be a thing right now if Roblox got it together and fixed their moderation… :unamused:

Some NCS songs are copyrighted

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Didn’t know that, is there any way I can tell which are and which aren’t?

An example of a copyrighted song that I can recall is Aero Chord feat. DDARK - Shootin Stars [NCS Release]

Well, you can search up the song in YouTube and check the end of the description of the video

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All of the songs I’m using say that I can use them in the desc. Also there’s this website by NCS I found that told me I can use literally any song as long as I give permission

I’m not sure if some of the music apply to the video game industry. The website says that you’re allowed to make content with the music on YouTube.

Your Roblox experience is not a YouTube video or a Twitch livestream though, so no it doesn’t say you can use them for any purpose with credit. Their old website specifically outlined using NCS music in games is considered commercial use and you require a commercial license for that.

Get a commercial license and if the track is rejected you can contact support with the documentation that grants you permission to use NCS music in your experience.

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