Anyone have the last version of roblox studio that has the old draggers

the new draggers is so confusing and i can’t find a solution to replace the new one to the old one.
so can someone upload the last version of roblox studio that has the old draggers

i have an old version of roblox studio but its too outdated

If you want the last version download the building tools by f3x plugin

I have the last version. I’ve saw the new draggers before and they don’t look too great.

I like the new lua draggers except for the rotate tool

When I use the new rotate tool it won’t even rotate , and when I place it with unanchored blocks it rotates but with the blocks .-.

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if your gonna use f3x the dragging and scale tools works differently . and if your gonna scale grouped things with f3x they will scale it piece by piece

Do you have a link? Ive been looking all over for it but all I find are clones.

Thank you. This will help a lot.

Thats Wrong You Just Have To Set The Scale Increment From 15 To 0.01

Please try staying to your original thread instead of changing the wording of it. Consider using your old thread since it’s already been solved with a similar solution made here. You’d probably have the best luck using a useful plugin as the new Lua dragger is currently being forced to 25% of the users.

cc @realitatiion Ideally if you are having trouble or a issue with the new dragger or experience any type of bug try posting them on the announcement topic so they could fix your issue or look into that.

Here is your previous topic:

I like the new draggers the old ons were bit glitchcy and clunky in my opinion


whats the link!!!