Anyone know how people can build really big things like that?

Greetings, I know that I do not do so many topics here in the development forum, but I have always wondered how some builders can do very great things, and I would like to learn to be like them, I will take as an example a named builder @murjarquitecto , whom I admire But I don’t know how he can build things like that next:
(Reminder: all the images you will see are not my property, their owner is the one I mentioned earlier
since I only downloaded them for this topic)

Or this

My point is: how can i build things like that but where to start?

That was just some of the other cities that he built, you will ask me why not only did you send him a DM to tell him your questions, well, I did not do it since I also want your suggestions on how I can build like that?

@murjarquitecto If you’re reading this, you earn my respects: P

As a friend of the person who built that, I know that he gets inspiration from actual locations in real life. He also reuses the same assets for every map to decrease the workload he has by a lot. :sunglasses:


I am also a little friend of him, but I have never discovered where to start, any suggestions?

I’m no builder, but it would take knowledge, and then just perseverance. Be patient, and just keep going until youre finished.

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This topic can help you:


perfect thank you very much, it can be something useful

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