Anyway to improve my current TV?

Hey! I have made this TV in my facility and you can turn it on and off by doing TV_on and TV_off, I like the way it is and i think a few improvements can help it, What you guys think? :slight_smile:



I like it very good maybe add some more pics? Just so it’s gives a mix of new stuff? :wink:


It just looks like TV, i dont think you can improve anything :slight_smile:


Okay, Thanks a lot! :smiley: :+1:

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Nice and not bad, but two main suggestions:

  1. The tv looks too blocky and abstract, try adding some more edges and little details that catch the eye.
  2. The used image is kind of not fitting, the text’s font is not that good, and as general putting a raw image without much modifications looks kind of bad, unless it’s a funny easter egg or something, perhaps try chosing a different one or better the already used one.

Alright! I added your discord! Ill send u pics there! :slight_smile:

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Eh… you don’t have to just saying you could add more pics.

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I have a few ideas! It could be improved by allowing some of the images to be GIFs, instead of just still images. Also if it could play music, that would be cool. :heart: It might could be a little bit brighter because the lighting makes it look dull right now :stuck_out_tongue: And so far it looks pretty good :slight_smile:


I think you could put a logo or something in the middle, like an actual tv!

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True! Great idea I’ll do that! :smiley::+1:

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I am also on that GIF part, but other than that, Very good!


Thanks alot! I’ll try add a gif. :slight_smile:

GIFs are not supported by roblox, the best thing you can get to a “GIF” is hundreds of decals.

If anything, I would try to make a camera or a TV program by using Viewport Frames.

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If you’re adding a gif, there’s a much better way to do it which is outlined in the post below.


I would say less blocky and if you really wanna go a step further texture it!

Looks good, but a thing you should do is probably make the TV thinner and the buttons too, also try putting cables around if you want. Here is one suggestion if I were you I would add like an introduction with changing decals about why to join Nova Security and etc. Looks awesome can’t wait to see the before and after! :slight_smile:

It look Great, but i have One suggestions
You could add small logo at the bottom.

@CroatiaSwitzerland has a good point, or you could just do what this model maker did :stuck_out_tongue: It is in the link below to the model; because I was thinking about adding a nyan cat to the TV

I think it’d look better with less blocky details, like turning the corners to triangles, basically. Another thing I’d add would be a thin white outline on the outer edge of the TV, to really give it that modern vibe. You could also make the buttons smaller and add more complexity, but it’s up to you.