Anyway to make the flashlight have this effect?


With the release of the new Call of Duty many new mechanics and visuals have been introduced into the game developer world. The thing im talking about, it has been done before, but it never really got the recognition it deserves. It has to do with the flashlight beam, where instead of making it a smooth pool of light it gives it some detail.


Old Lighting:

Improved Lighting:

Of course it will look better than that, but that is the best example I could find. I have tried to recreate this but came into some issues, I was only able to get a perimeter of light and a dot in the middle. The outer edges of light seem to be circle outlines of light, and I have no idea how to do this in roblox, and I’m not even entirely sure its possible.

If someone has some resource I could use or a video explaining this that would be great! Thanks for your time.


I think you could use a decal. Or make multiple lights with a small range and different brightness.


Yeah I tried the latter, I couldnt find a way to get a defined hollow circle; could you explain how you would use a decal? That seems like it would work

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I think you would have to use raycasting for the position whenever its close and far. and im not good with that since im not really a scripter. Sorry.

Late reply but you have to add a ring on it and enable shadows, I’ve made a module specifically for horror games

Link: Flashlight