API Error: Authorization has been denied for this request

So, I wanna make a bot that will update users’ roles. But the problem is that I can’t authorize it. But the only answer I want here is, how would I authorize my account/Bot account? Like passing in my password, username stuff like that.

Please include more information in your post.

  • What platform are you trying to create a bot for?
  • What code have you written that is throwing this error?

Also, make sure you’ve read the support category’s guidelines.

If you are trying to access a roblox domain from inside the engine, please read the documentation on HttpService.

This service is not allowed to send requests to any of the Roblox websites such as www.roblox.com.

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The platform is a website. But after I am gonna use my pc console afterwards.
The code is in python, I’m using the Group API v1

(The request)

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The api you are using most likely requires your cookie for authentication, so log into the bot account, hit Ctrl + Shift + I to open up inspect element, then go to Application, then Storage, then Cookies, and find https://www.roblox.com, then find the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie. Don’t share the cookie!


Okay, I got the cookie. So how would I pass the cookie in the request?

What HTTP client are you using to send the request? node-fetch? axios?

Check out the docs for the package you are using, the answer will likely be there.

Just a heads-up, you can’t do this internally from a server in Roblox. If you’re using another programming language like Python, here’s how you’d validate a request to https://auth.roblox.com/v1/ externally.

I’m also assuming you know how to pass the headers table and the url link to the request.get parameters:

urlHandler = requests.get(url, headers=headers, cookies=cookies)
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