API/Tutorial pages regarding tweening parts broken AND classes improperly marked deprecated in search results


A couple Roblox Developer Pages bugs to report, probably caused during the migration to the Roblox domain.

First Bug: I tried to search how to tween values of parts (like position) in the Roblox developer pages and got these results:

(link to search results)

But when I click any of these three I see this error:

If these pages no longer exist then why do they appear in the search results?
Where have the code sample pages gone?

Second Bug: Also when I searched TweenService this showed up in results:

I was pretty sure this feature wasn’t deprecated so I searched something else. This seems to be an issue on multiple pages.

Pretty sure BaseParts havent been deprecated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

These issues are very confusing and hinder me when trying to find information and code examples. This could cause new developers to become frustrated and give up on searching for information.


I also get the first bug. It seems to also affect a camera tutorial.

There are probably also other pages affected but this is the one I have found so far.


I found the Tween Creation code snippet under TweenService.Create. My guess is they used to be separate pages but were moved to a more relevant location. However their old pages still come up in search results and when clicked the user is not redirected to the new location.


That “deprecated” text in the description is just from the deprecated slider on the top of the page to show/hide deprecated members of the service/object.


Ah yes, we just removed code-samples as standalone pages, which is what you clicked on in the search results. This should be resolved when our search results reindex the site!


@Mimi_Dev Thanks for pointing out the issue with the “Deprecated” showing up on the search results. I’ll look into it.