ApplyImpulse doesn't work

Fixed it but now the script doesnt work and theres no error

You can’t :ApplyImpulse a part owned by a player (The character in this case,) from the server. I’ve tried it before.

What you can do is

game.ReplicatedStorage.RemoteEvents.OnApplyImpulse:FireClient(player, part, impulseVector)

Plus you need to set the humanoid state to Freefall before :ApplyImpulse() bcs humanoid behavior is wierd


So I have to use a localscript?

Yes, use local script to apply impulse parts owned by a client from server

i cahgned the script to a localscript and it still didnt work

Show me your code, let me test

V ah yes reply below

Make sure your local script is inside a player’s character
Inside StarterPlayerScripts
Inside ScreenGui

Local scripts must be inside a local being. Try placing it inside of StarterCharacterScripts and making it detect when the humanoid touches the part.

local AdditionalForce = 2500

	if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") and hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart") and db == false then
		db = true
		hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart"):ApplyImpulse(, hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart").AssemblyMass * AdditionalForce, 0))
		db = false

it works! but the question is, is it only for client side since its a localscript

Okay. Ive said this before, local scripts must be inside a LOCAL BEING. Try placing it in StarterCharacterScripts and use humanoid to detect when you touch the bounce part.

Use remote events if you wish to make it server sidded. Just run a remote when they touch it.

Yes, it will still replicate to server because the part’s physics is controlled by the client

That’s how roblox’s physics work;
any part controlled by the client will be replicated to server (this is to reduce server load calculating physics)

:ApplyImpulse() from client, replicated to server automatically

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so i have to use FireServer() in a localscript and put the ApplyImpulse in the server script?

Um, no

look at the previous reply

There’s an anti-fall bounce pad below in the image but it’s out of the picture

I used :FireClient() and let the character :ApplyImpulse() to itself from the client

also didn’t you already got it working? .-.

yes it works but i was wondering how to use it in a server script and if it even would work serversided in a localscript

part:ApplyImpulse(, 1000, 0))

But you wouldn’t want to set network owner of your character to nil, (idk what will happen but most likely your character controls being unresponsive)

Yes, it will because a character part’s network ownership belongs to the client

therefore any physics calculation is handled by the client, and replicated to other clients internally through the physics engine

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if i do SetNetworkOwner for a control player script would i be able to control the player

um no, why do you ask

:SetNetworkOwner(player or nil) only can be used on server (iirc)

:SetNetworkOwner() is a method of BasePart therefore will not work on objects of other classes, (script, for example)

it’s a method for deciding who to calculate the physics of said BasePart
set it to nil, the server calculates
set it to a player, the player calculates and send to server to replicate (internally)

please link me a guide of setnetworkowner


An article explaining network ownership

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