Archimedes Slightly Modifying Stud Length(?)

I’m using Archimedes to build an upward door arch but I am having an issue with it offsetting length when using it.

I’ve rebuilt this arch 3 times with different brick sizes and angles.

It just barely offsets the brick. I don’t know if this is something to do with me or the plugin.

I do not want this.


Try updating your Archimedes, Scriptos recently launched a new version that may fix your problem.

Introducing Archimedes 3 - A building plugin - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

If it doens’t work, you can try to get the exaclty size of the part by going into it’s properties and then copy & paste it into the other parts.


Oh! I didn’t realize there was a new version.

I do hope this fixes my problem. Thanks so much for this reply.

I had done this already and didn’t work.

My problem has not been fixed with the newer version of Archimedes.

It doesn’t change the size and yet they are all different lengths when going upwards.

Bottom 2 are the completely same size.

Take a look at these gifs, where Archimedes isn’t being used at all. You can see that the parts initially start out inside of the original parts with no bits sticking out, but once they’re moved upwards I run into the same problem that you’re reporting:

Moving the part upwards using World Space

Moving the parts upwards using Local Space

Moving the parts upwards individually using Local Space

This results in pieces of the part sticking out of the left part, which generally isn’t ideal for Archimedes

Archimedes is offsetting the rendered part relative to the selected part. It doesn’t really have any context to know that you want to offset the rendered part down the slope more to match the parts underneath - it’s just trying to make a perfect slope based purely on the part that you have selected when you hit the render button.

I recommend just using ResizeAlign along with Archimedes so that you can easily fix this without having to do a bunch of individual movements from the original position.


Thank you for this extremely helpful comment. I had halted fixing the door arch until a resolution was found.