Are my UGC packages TOS friendly?

So in the devforum post about UGC packages it states the following

  • Bodies and heads must be sold separately from clothing, accessories, and other decorations for now. This means components like beards, glasses, makeup, and tattoos should not be baked into the body or head.

This seems like a bit of an issue for the 2 packages I had made prior to UGC packages being announced

I’m fine with not being able to have a hat inside the package; there’s no issue with that. But not being able to have clothing inside of a package is a bit of an issue for me for a couple reasons.

  1. Most of roblox’s packages (which are in a similar style to mine) contain clothing or armor. Clothing and armor being against roblox’s TOS technically means roblox items are against TOS
  2. We’re required to add “modesty layers” to our packages, which in themselves are clothing (namely underwear)
  3. Making my packages TOS compatible would require a lot of work. I couldn’t easily just turn them into layered clothing and make a new body to go along with it from scratch.
  4. Even if I did recreate turn it into layered clothing and packages separately, players wouldn’t be able to see how the whole package looks with all the items combined, and I’d have to sell it all has 2-3 separate items, which would clutter up the description, mislead players about the price, and reduce the number of items the player can wear. Games that disable layered clothing would also mean that the package wouldn’t work in some games, even with R15 enabled in them.

I feel like given my first 2 reasons, it’s kinda hypocritical for my packages to be against TOS, which is partially why I’m questioning this, and if they aren’t TOS friendly, that causes a lot of unnecessary work that bars me off from selling my items, and generally drives me away from wanting to make packages


I wouldn’t be using the roblox head by the way. I would be making a new one for it, I just had that there for reference


I doubt these would get rejected if you submitted them. Roblox seems pretty relaxed on rules like this that won’t do any harm to anyone. There have been numerous rule-breaking bundles uploaded that are still up. In fact, only one or two bundles have ever been deleted after being uploaded (namely Billy). Roblox staff have confirmed they will become even more lenient over time on UGC bundles.

However, I think uploading the bundles as the base body and converting the built-in clothing to layered clothing would be a good idea for reasons other than just being accepted. It allows users to buy the body to be reused with other items of clothing and customized however they like. They would easily be able to swap out one piece for another and pick and choose what to buy. It also allows you to only sell one “base” body which new clothing can be added on top of.

You could easily link the clothing that goes alongside it in the description. I do agree that it would be more work but it might be better in the long run, especially as layered clothing gains more and more support.

I recommend uploading it and seeing what happens if you don’t want to redo them.


Alright. Once UGC goes public I’ll upload it and see how roblox reacts.

Just in case though, do you think it’s possible I could upload them without a texture but with support for classic clothing, and then make some classic clothing that contains the texture so I don’t need to change anything?

Also what’s your opinion on the packages, if you don’t mind me asking? Trying to make stuff in the style of older roblox items.


They may allow this in the future but I believe at the moment you can’t use classic clothing with UGC bundles. There appear to be a lot of people requesting this feature on the official post, but it’s unlikely for them to add support for a feature they consider deprecated, especially after launch. You never know though.

I like them! The first one especially reminds me of the original Roblox bundles.


There’s already several packages with support for classic clothing

(Example : R6 Avatar - Roblox)


Alright, then I guess uploading the texture as clothing would work.

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