Are The Last 11 Characters Of A Reserved Server Id Dependent On The Place?

I need to store the Reserved Server ID in a Data store to reference data, but the default strings are 55 characters. I noticed that the last 11 characters (_jAaAAAAAA2) are the same for all attempts of creating a server. Is this guaranteed to always be the same for a specific place?

I wouldn’t count on it, but you can use the scope argument of datastores to overcome the 50 character limit.

I think I am going to have to rely on it then. I would need to make a lot of GetDateStore calls for this.

I don’t think GetDataStore calls use any of your datastores resources, and you only need to make the call when you need to retrieve data from that reserve server.

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Don’t make assumptions on the format of the reserved server keys. It’s not a documented format, so even if 99% of the time the code contains a certain suffix, that still doesn’t guarantee it is 100% that way or will always be that way. Only trust what is documented properly on the wiki.

Guess what I thought of the function was wrong. A quick test shows it takes <0.001 seconds to get the DataStore, so it should be a safe hack. Just got to hope that the hack doesn’t any long term effects.