Are There Any Full Tutorials Or Tips To Optimize Code To Not Stress Server?

I want to get better, at making optimized code, and using better methods when writing my code, so it doesn’t stress the server too much, and not use a lot of ping.

New developers, and kids, come in, wanting to learn how to code, and make games on roblox.
Most tutorials online, and videos are great for, learning how to make simple games. How ever, when users want to get more advanced, and make big games, like phantom forces, or rpg games, there is an issue, that many tutorials never speak about or get into.

I haven’t really seen any tutorials yet, that give tips, or share methods, on making your code more efficient, and better, especially when it comes to the server side , where there is limited memory, most new developers dont understand, you cannot stress the server out too much, or it will cause issues, like delays. They watch tutorials, and think they can just do what ever, and write as big of code they can, as long as it works, then when they release their game, its a failure because of it lagging too much, and all their code failing.

I’ve tried searching google and youtube, and all over the place, for help, and solutions to many of these problems, but its rare to find any actual help, for beginners.

Does anyone know any actual place, that goes in depth on all of this, to help beginners out, and teach the how to be better with their code

Found a tutorial although it may not necessarily be for beginners. TL;DR use the simulation replication method to reduce server lag.

But yeah your quote:

Rings pretty true about help for beginners. Even the author of the community tutorial said it himself.

The only reason I found myself was by searching the dev forums especially for issues with motor6D replication and the tips they gave out to not send full CFrame data and smaller vector values to calculate the replication.

I guess it’s because the client to server networking/net coding and stuff like client replication is a pretty advanced topic and that Roblox does already handle some aspects of it in the background:

Example in the post context: Me setting the constraints motors of a vehicle to move forward locally but it also automatically replicates on the server.

Overall, yeah this stuff is not really for beginners and is usually found by google searching and picking the pieces together as you become more advanced as a developer. IDK if this should change but seems like it’s this way for now.