Are you allowed to promote your discord server in your game or group?

I’m planning to setup a discord for one of my games.

I was just wondering, am I allowed to have something in the description along the lines of Discord: AQp5qH7 without getting banned? I understand you’re not allowed to directly link Discord, but was not sure if that was allowed.


I don’t think you’re allowed but you could use these forums to make your description without having any worries.

That is not allowed.

Pretty much the best and only place you can put it is in a pinned tweet. You’re not allowed to link the tweet either though.

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Would I be allowed to have the code, and not even have the Discord as title?

For example: D - AQp5qH7

This way, younger users who do not know of Discord will simply ignore the code, while users who do have discord, will recognise it as a code.

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No. There is a thread about this. This also applies to mysterious unlabelled codes iirc.


Ok thanks, Ill make to remove any existing.

You should set up a Twitter account for your game.

You’re allowed to promote your Discord group on your Twitter. You’re not allowed to link to any tweets mentioning Discord, though, and you’re not allowed to mention, reference, or suggest Discord on the Roblox website at all. Players who check out your Twitter may also check out your Discord if you promote your Discord group on Twitter.

You can check out the already-mentioned Reminder Regarding Permissible Links thread for more information about exactly how the rules apply to this scenario.

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As others have said before, people usually link Discords by linking their Twitter which has the Discord. That’s it, there’s no rules past that. This twitter was deemed completely okay by the staff.