ARGO [Showcase] Sci-Fi Spaceship


ARGO is a project I have been working on in very small parts over a long period of time. It’s been a project that I just work on a little bit when I am bored or suddenly have a spark of sci-fi motivation.

Setting The Scene:

"The year is 2040, you are on board one of the largest interplanetary ships on a mission to Alpha Centauri, to a possible planet which could contain life. The mission is known as Argo. "

(Taken from the description of the game)


Game Link - Play it for yourself!


I hope everyone likes it. Could I please get some feedback in the comments - anything that I can improve, fix up, or remove etc. I would really appreciate it.

Let me know if anyone else has something similar that I could check out for inspiration.

Keep in mind that most of the scripting was from tutorials and help from a friend so scripting is a little bit rough.

Thanks everyone!


The intro is really long should add a skip intro button…

Woooow Very cool! 9/10. Very cool are the neons!

This is so cool.

I like this room the most lol idk why

Looks pretty good! I really think the blue accents make it spring to life.

Pretty good. Maybe add something like a futuristic coffee mug to the desk? Anyway, you are an awesome builder. I’d like to see it turn into an alien invasion type of game. Your choice :yum:

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