Asking funds on my forum profile is allowed?

I thought about ask (Not forcing bruh) some users in my forum profile to give me some funds to create a group, but i don’t know if that’s allowed, i just want to make this basic question: Asking funds on my forum profile is allowed? Thanks for reading.

This isn’t allowed:

Asking for any sort of investor, donator or for free robux isn’t allowed on this forum and should be discussed in private channels instead; for example discord servers or private DM’s.


Roblox In my opinion needs to calm down on there rules in the forum!


There’s a good reason for it not being allowed. We want to discourage it on the forum because most people on this forum are juvenile who do not know what they’re getting themselves into or easily let themselves be abused by the invested or investing party, and it’s a waste of time for everyone involved.

Developing games on Roblox is mostly free apart from certain asset uploads. You do not need investments, especially not the petty amounts you could get from your peers here. Just make it fun and word of mouth can do most of the rest.


WOW, first off most of what your saying is wrong. Games on Roblox make a ridiculous amount. And sometimes most of the funding is for advertising to get your game off the ground, which is very important for starting devs trying to build up supporters for there games… So yep.

I think you misread my post quite a bit – try again without skimming. :slightly_smiling_face: I did not say Roblox games do not make money, I say that it does not take a lot of initial income to develop a game.


Did you read my post? And now after reading yours I agree with you on the Roblox Games, profit thing, but as I said it does take money to advertise your game, which is considered initial income, because sadly Roblox does not help Devs by letting them have free advertisements…

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You don’t need a lot of advertising money to get a good game off the ground. Word of mouth is really powerful. Loads of the front page games on Roblox spent much less than 100K Robux (or some even nothing at all) on advertising for their initial success. If you aren’t seeing enough growth in your game without advertising even though people are playing it, you should look into why they are not sticking around or not coming back (i.e. your game is not fun/engaging enough).

Either way, this is going pretty far off-topic now since this is a forum feedback topic, so feel free to start a new topic or DM me if you want to discuss further.