Assassin's creed ROBLOX [Update]

Hey guys, i just made a new house for the Assassin’s creed showcase i am working on! Tell me what you guys think!

(Also make sure to follow me on twitter since i will be posting the update’s sooner and more update’s on there!)


Bro, that looks amazing!!!

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Thanks! i really love the support!

Hello @F_0sc,

WOW THIS IS AMAZING!!! I love how you used the textures to make it look more realistic and also the sky box looks great as well. One thing I think you may want to add is some lighting near the building because of the shadows it makes the building look very dark and gloomy. You should be very proud of this well done.

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Extremely realistic it really is spot on you did a amazing!! job!

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Thanks for the support! I am gonna try to make it look way better. I will add more lighting and stuff when i am almost finished with the build!

Sounds great!! cant wait to see after you do that!

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Super realistic, I love it! I noticed you have a portfolio, are your commissions open?

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Yes i do have an portfolio and commissions are currently open! Here is the link to my portfolio: My Building/Modeling Portfolio

(I do need to update it tho.)

Make sure to follow me on twitter, i will be posting more progress on there and the pictures will be earlier on there! and i will post more builds on there ofcourse!

You know you replied to me and not the person who posted the topic. Just wanted to inform you.

Oops. My bad, didn’t notice LOL!

Looks incredible! Really good work!

what would make them pop even more would be the use of PBR textures if you’re not using them already.

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It looks really detailed! I honestly wish I could build that well XD

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This is look so epic, i never seen a types of models like that, this is so realistic

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Why’d you choose Unity? And I respect you for doing so btw!

Because i was already working on the notre dame, and so i decided to make an assassin’s creed unity showcase since i already had a big part done of the Notre Dame.