Assistance with rotation and tweening

I think the most easy way to demonstrate what I want to achieve is through this short video (you only need to watch the first 30 seconds):

So myself and my buddy have been working on the model (and I am aware it needs a lot of work but if you haven’t gathered Tron really didn’t make simple things and I wanted to do this myself instead of paying someone).

So far I’ve got smooth movement on it and I’m fully aware of how to make it move between unique points, my only issue however is the rotation of the front spindle. The whole thing has been welded to the Main Component (which in the video clip is the part you can walk on) and moved via tweening however when I attempted to tween the spindle it either did not work or broke, I’m not fully used to programming rotation and movement as I prefer UI’s and datastores, mathematics etc.

Could I get a few pointers in the right direction as to move the spindle relative to the position its currently at when moving?



  • To simply it for anyone, I don’t need help with getting the position, just the relative movement.
  • Each one of the spindles arms is its own model made up of two unions (metal frame and light)

I’m not quite sure how you are currently making your model move, but I read you are using welds. Instead, I would recommend that you anchor your model and use SetPrimaryPartCFrame in combination with TweenService. More explanation about that here: Introduction to Tweening Models

If you require the model to be unanchored, you can consider using constraints for this. A HingeConstraint that is set to Motor could perfectly do the rotation for you. If you are going with this approach, the Constraint’s welding system is quite good and more flexible than classic welds.

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