Attempting to create a Chat channel

Hello. I am trying to create a channel using the Chat modules, however, when I try to create one, it does not work. The module script that I made does run though because my print statements ran while I was doing previous testing.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Here Hopefully This thread will help you solve the problem

The code that I am running is from that tutorial…

If it helps, I have tried to use the other chat module features in that tutorial, and they all work fine. The issue is with channel creation.

Why don’t you Try AlvinBlox Video ? Here

The problem can be in the way you’re calling this function. Are you treating the required value as a function or a table:

-- You should be calling the function in such a manner
local CreateChannel = require(...)

Your code works and your speaker joined the chat channel. You just need a way to actually see or join the channel which you’ve not done. Make sure you run tests for your code to see that they’re actually working. One test you could’ve ran is to chat /c MyChannel in your test server.

Refer to my tutorial here and enable the ShowChannelsBar setting for an alternative:


To add in chat modules without forking the chat, would I just keep the LoadDefaultChat set to true? Is there a way to add custom words to get filtered in the default roblox chat?

Yes. You’d just have to register them a little later instead of having the Lua Chat System register them immediately when setting things up. If you want to add CommandModules with a minimal fork option, insert the required folders to recreate the CommandModules hierarchy then insert a BoolValue into each named InsertDefaultModules and check it off. All missing content will be pulled from the source.

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