Attempting to make a cinematic clip in studio & need plugin recommendations

I know Clonetrooper used to have a decent cutscene creator back in the day that could be used to capture some smooth cinematics. However his inventory is private and all the account who have “re-uploaded and modified” his old plugin look incredibly sketchy so I’m hesitant to download them.

I tried out the Otaku Cutscene plugin but the UI is currently broken so I figured I’d reach out and see if anybody had any good methods or suggestions


I recently came across a cutscene plugin that utilizes Bézier Curves and although I haven’t used it in any projects yet, based on the examples provided and the positive reception from other users who posted on the topic, it appears to be a good resource

Here are some alternative options that I also had bookmarked (the CameraUtil resource makes use of the CutsceneService resource I linked above but also provides more than just cutscene-related functionality, if interested)


RunService, Camera.CFrame and AnimationTrack:Play() :grin: