Automatic Chat Translator [UPDATED V1.1]

Yes, it should speak properly if your computer has TTS enabled, as its the same as a regular chat message in most ways. If you’re referring to text to speech in a game such as outpost 84 where people can hear you - the most it would probably do is say the message in the language it was from. It would need to be modified to work.

I’m saying as in Outpost 84 tts, but much more advanced and modified so that it can pronounce words in different languages. Also, you can get what language preference they have and the tts will adapt for them.

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…Yeahhhh, while yes it would be possible, it would be very nightmarish to achieve due to what you need to do. All the vowels need to be uploaded to ROBLOX, they need to be able to be used by anyone (which is a process not even I am sure how exactly how achieve), and you have to get all of the unique vowels of every language and stick them together including the unique ways specific words are said, that’s not even going into possible safe chat bypasses with it. And then finally, you have to figure out a way to somehow make it say the words coherently.

Honestly, I would love the challenge of making a system that can achieve that, however, I don’t intend to add that kind of system to the translator. My best recommendation would be to get a premade TTS, grab the main module of the Translator (, and make the TTS fire on the translation event. Perhaps a project for a rainy day, though.

(That, or i’m just overthinking it)

Maybe tts won’t be such a good idea.

I think Roblox’s new chat system may of broken this. I’ll do some more testing but I think because of the way it now works i’ll have to recode it. (No clue if I even can, i’ll see what I can do)