Automatic robux payments (subscriptions)

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I was wondering if there is something like automatic payments for subscription purposes. I was thinking of that when making some tech services. For example, like CheckMeIn, customers wouldn’t have to worry each month.

Some people told me it is possible, but don’t know how. Sooooooo, is it possible, and if yes, how?

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Only thing I know of that works by subscription is VIP Servers. You could hack something together with that, but I don’t think there’s anything else that lets you use subscriptions


You should probably look at this post. If you look at the solution, it’s kinda risky to do it.

Well if it’s every month, just change the badges and make the person buy it agian? That’s soemthing that came to the top of my head.

Thought of that too, but can be tricky sometimes.

Yup, still thanks!

The thing is, I don’t want them have to do anything for it. :wink:


It’s impossible to make a user automatically give you robux without having access to their account which is against ToS.

ThomasChabot’s solution is probably the closest you can get to making a type of subscription service. Roblox+ also does this to give access to features based on if you own an active VIP server or not, if I recall correctly.

Beyond a hack using VIP servers, this is not accomplishable without getting into bad territory that will invoke moderation concerns.

Such automation is impossible to do. This would definitely be abused if this was allowed for developers. Players are supposed to decide if an in-game transaction will push through or not. Just track if a certain amount of time has passed for a player, if the player joins when the subscription has expired, prompt the subscription purchase for renewal, otherwise they will cancel the subscription. If the exipiry date is near, notify the player that the subscription is about to expire.


That’s for later in the future and the image uploads are API updates from the gametest site if I recall correctly. This thread is in regards to now. This isn’t possible now and thus the above solutions are the go-tos.