Automatically reconnect to experiences during updates

To follow up, graph seems to be working properly but count itself still shows 0. Here is the dot on graph I was talking about - I didn’t have 246 players, it just doubled it for brief moment and went back to normal.

This was happening to me as well, I was thinking the official launch was going to fix this. I guess not. Seriously this update is so hacked together.

Same for me.

Just revert your game to a stable version and apologize for the inconvenience until you fix it to push the update again.


May I know what version is the “version” stated here tied to, Place version? Server version?

Server version

By server version, I mean like internally, Roblox’s own server age or a timestamp that distinguish it from new servers.

I hope the latter because I can’t really use this feature if the version is tied to the place. I have many places in my experiences and it would be a hassle to have to publish a change to each of them every time I want to restart for updates.

Moreover, each place in my experience loads all the game’s scripts and modules from a main source with Insert Service that’s why I generally don’t need go into those places to publish changes. And every new server guarantees to be most up to date.

Just need that clarified, otherwise I’ll have to stick with Shut Down All Servers since it’s clear what that does.

Thanks in advance, Khronos~

Roblox had some issues yesterday or maybe my network was tripping. It works today and publishes new version without any issues. Restart for update also works very nice (and the experience is now private btw!)

@AbstractAlex thanks for the detailed use case!

“large games may take up to 6 minutes” - how do we know what a large game is?

Restart Servers used to be much slower and take 1-6 minutes regardless of how large your game was. We made some big improvements here a few months ago. At this point, “large games” means hundreds of thousands of players to migrate.

Here’s some data on how long Restart Servers took over the past three weeks:

  • Median time was 20 seconds
  • 99% of updates completed within 45 seconds

We have a project in the works that will shave another 15 seconds off this time

(cc @LMH_Hutch @ltsRealJr who also had questions about update speed)

What happens if a user in a new server tries to teleport to a friend in an old server? (Via in-game features)

The moment you click Restart Servers those servers are no longer eligible for matchmaking. Direct joins (e.g. teleporting to a specific server) are still allowed

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions on Restart Servers or Shutdown All - I’ve worked on the implementation for both of them


for us, it doesnt matter if its not eligible to join that server, when im on my laptop i dont use studio play as my game is pretty big and its much longer to load than pressing reconnect on roblox, it also makes my laptop lag alot less than if im playing on studio,

another instance may be if a guy was facing off with a dupe glitch, those extra 40 seconds can MATTER ALOT, do u even know how important it is to shutdown instantly if theres a dupe glitch in a game? im guessing you do, imagine if robux was dupable, you would want to shutdown the platform instantly and not wait 40+ seconds to do so. lol.

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Does MessagingService publish messages to different version servers or only the same-version servers? If not, that’d be a breaking point for some games.

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“make private” supersedes “shut down all servers” so your point is kind of invalid in this one.

actually a really good and long overdue update, does this still trigger :BindToClose(), since a previous option (migrate to latest update) didn’t appear to do so

Making your game private cancels private server subscriptions as stated in the post you’re replying to

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This would be an amazing update, if making your game private didn’t cancel private server subscriptions.

I totally appreciate all of the other benefits that this has, it’s just that I don’t want to cancel every private server subscription to my game just to temporarily close a game to fix something. Private servers are a significant source of revenue, and having to cancel them due to the removal of Shutdown All Servers is disappointing…

Otherwise a good update, but it would be a lot better if private server subscriptions were simply paused rather than cancelled.

Just used this to send out a couple of bug fixes for my game and it worked pretty well. I feel like having roblox just randomly teleport you without warning would make players confused, so I think some sort of popup should appear on every player’s screen saying that servers will restart soon.

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Question 1: Will this affect DataStoreService?
Question 2: Will I be able to create a custom UI for this?
Feedback 1: You could make it so that it can be activated by a server script. This would make it easier to make a countdown for holiday celebrations, where it will automatically update when the countdown hits 0.


Do the “Migrate to latest server” button on the game page and “Restart servers for updates” on the dashboard do the same thing?

I just used the “migrate to latest server” button and my player count dropped from 200 CCU down to 20 CCU. This behavior is something I would expect with just kicking all users to allow the servers to update.


Could we maybe get a :BindToUpdate() function that lets us detect if the game is getting upgraded to wrap up rounds early and cleanly close DataStore? That would be neat!

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To answer you, DataStore here is affected depending on how you code it. If your game, for some god forsaken reason, manages to save data AFTER the players have been teleported to a new server, ouch.


I might have to use DataStore2.

I hope they fix that problem.

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Look into ProfileService if you want a DataStore system that prevents your data from ever being overwritten like I described. It’s a very easy to grasp library.

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