Avatar Awakening - Rank Guide

The vast majority of our ranks will be handled through the Roblox group (Avatar Awakening - Roblox). This allows us to use group ranks within the game for interactive purposes, as well as being able to sync the group roles to the Discord as you may have noticed already.

Base Tier - [Air Nomads, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, or Fire Nation]
To receive your basic element, just request it on the group comment section and an admin will rank you up.

Fourth Tier - [Air, Water, Earth, or Fire] Trainees
Someone who has had verbal communication with a master of their element and expressed interest in training with them.

Third Tier - [Air Nomad Scholar, Water Tribe Warrior, Earth Kingdom Solider, Fire Nation Trooper]
Someone that a master deems promising, both with bending skill and knowledge of the Avatar World. This may include small physical or intellectual tests given by the individual master of any element.

Second Tier - [Air, Water, Earth, or Fire] Apprentice
A third tier player hand-selected by a master of their element to be next in line for a master’s test. Apprentices may co-host trainings and lead third tier students. A master can only have a max of two apprentices.

First Tier - [Air, Water, Earth, or Fire] Master
A master must first be a second tier bender and a master bender from any nation can submit a request for a second tier player to be tested. If accepted, the second tier player will have to face masters of all bending disciplines, (as well as maybe non-benders). This player must prove themselves worthy against the other masters as well as pass a knowledge-based test. Obtaining this rank requires having a basic level of respect for community members. Members with this rank are also expected to test other members fairly.

A grandmaster must first be a master of their element. They must have shown both physical and mental prowess surrounding their nation, their element, and the game. They are expected to have a great deal of maturity and respect within the community. Grandmasters are expected to be loyal to their native element and will be responsible for ranking up users of their element. The members of this rank will be hand-selected by a committee of developers and existing masters. This is the most honorable role a player can receive in Avatar Awakening.

Any non-player ranks above this will be given on a case-to-case basis.