Avatar by ID or username

I am wondering is possible to get users avatar or face avatar. I am trying to do this throw APIs. The only thing I founded is ID of clothing that user currently wear. I am searching only for URL of face avatar. If it isn’t possible with official Roblox API, please specify me some that is possible with.



Thanks but I am not calling API in-game with LUA.

Alright but, thats API work for you?

Yes I want to do that just problem is that I don’t want to do it in Roblox game. I want in external way. And if I do that URL with username I got error.

Not sure what you mean. Can you rephrase?

Yea it doesnt work anymore I guess

try this:


So btw if you change the pixels then it will work try 150 as the size

roblox is pretty restrictive
try this:

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I already done that but thanks.