Avatar Loading Event Ordering Improvements

I’d also like to know if this has been enabled yet. When it is enabled, I can fix my game’s spawning system.


Not sure if this has been implemented. It doesn’t seem that it has been, because I’m having some really bad issues trying to work with CharacterAdded. Especially with StarterCharacters it seems, assigning collision groups (mentioned in OP), and trying to find parts in the character do not work properly. It would be a great step to simplify this process. Please let us know when it’s updated!


Yep, this is still not enabled yet. My game uses a custom spawning system, and sometimes players whose spawns are colliding with structures get warped up to the top. This can break the game’s progression in some moments, and is overall not something I want happening. My implementation is an instant CFraming of the HumanoidRootPart to the spawn location inside a CharacterAdded connection, and it seems the new event ordering is still yet to be enabled. Before, I had a wait(.05) before the CFraming, and that worked most of the time, but it’s not clean, so I removed the wait assuming this had been enabled.


Can we get some news? It’s been a long time since it was supposed to be in beta…


Been waiting on something for a long time, I still haven’t reverted my spawning system assuming this would be dealt with soon.

Would I have to change a team gui changer to fit this update, or would it still work fine?

Dunno, it really just depends on if your team changer gui interacts with the character immediately after spawning. If so, then maybe.

Hey, any news on this going forward again? I’m currently waiting for this update to be pushed so my system will work as intended, right now I have a jerry rigged fix in place.


Any words on this improvement now? We’ve been kept in the dark for quite a bit with subsequent requests for information about this and having this feature is really important.

Working with characters has never been more frustrating yet crucial for games and the absolute worst of hacks need to be implemented to get around the current horrid order (see the RbxCharacterSounds script’s PlayerAdded function as well as LoadAnimation issues).

If we aren’t able to get this any time soon, could it be at least be scheduled for shipping along with the Avatar Evolution build? That seems like a perfect time to roll this out if not from an independent release because that will bring about a lot of new changes to Roblox: it is literally an evolution to development and avatars have not gone unnoticed in it.


Is this still planned? Would be nice to have this released.


Having really annoying bugs with the loading system, this would be really nice to have.

Communication please? Where is this update? Is it still being considered? It dropped off without any prior warning and knowing when there are plans to revisit it are wanted. Not if, when, because this is a needed update blocking comfortable, predictable development with characters.

This update, tomorrow, will have been delayed for a whole year. This is getting to a critical point because the lack of proper ordering events is requiring developers to use ugly workarounds and face timing issues when it comes to working with characters. The delay of this update is literally the cause of so many ongoing issues around characters and complexifying code to work around it. Even default code by engineers (RbxCharacterSounds) develops horrid workarounds for this.

The lack of proper ordering is hampering development harshly when it comes to working with characters because of how unexpected timing can become for adding in character assets or for loading up animations which throw errors when the character hasn’t been parented, yet CharacterAdded has already been fired. It’s stupidly inaccurate and needs to be fixed.


I can’t stress how much this feature would help me and other developers, we need this as soon as possible… i really hope you guys haven’t abandoned it

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I’m very sorry for the lack of communication on this. We discovered some issues with this and it turned out to be a larger change than anticipated. Other work unfortunately took priority over this.

I can’t currently provide a timeline but this change is still something we want to do. I will try and find the time to fix the issues and get this change shipped.


Thank you very much for the response. This helps clear the air what’s going on around this update and I completely understand the delays behind this. This has been something I’ve been passionate about receiving due to current blockages and issues it presents in code.

This is a fairly ambitious change but I believe it has great power to be a gamechanger in development for a lot of us still relying on default character systems. Along with the Avatar Evolution build that is currently in testing, love for characters has been at the front of my mind so I just had to push on this.

It’s great to know this is still on the way at the very least and that it’s just been temporarily shelved to prioritise other platform iteration. Cheers.


To be honest I don’t fully understand. I see a lot of people say its good so I would have to go with that. Maybe if someone could dome it down a bit that would be nice.

Basically, the current avatar loading system is mildly strange and is a headache for developers to try and work with it. The update is meant to make it less strange.


Yeah, I had to go thru RbxCharacterSounds just to find out how they’ve been managing it.

Sorry to bump this thread but has this been enabled.

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No, it has not been enabled.