Avionicly | Building & Modeling Portfolio [OPEN!]

Hey everyone! :wave:
I’m Avionicly! An 18 year old developer that has been working on the platform for almost a decade as a builder, and started blender around 2 years ago.

I specialize in low poly and cartoony designs, and have contributed to games collectively over 750,000,000+ play sessions.

  • Commissioning Status: :green_circle: OPEN!

Here are some notable groups I’ve worked in:

Noratic – Founder and Lead Developer, modeler for “Pet Adventures!”.
Ming Media – Contractor, mainly tasked on “Horse Valley”.
Shyfoox Studios – Former Model Maker, tasked on projects such as “Crossed Paws” and “Dragon’s Life”.
Cozy Chick Studios – Contributor, designed assets used in “Howls” and “Dragon’s Fire”.

Detailed structures

Arlington International Airport (Fictional)

No name airport - Incomplete (Fictional)

Realistic assets

Basic table and target board


Dog houses


Semi-realistic builds

"City Ruins"

Low Poly / Cartoony

Entrance Interior

Beginning work on the exterior/tarmac

Finished tarmac/starting terrain

Simulator builds

Quickbuild simulator map

Pet Adventures map!

Low Poly / Cartoony

Trees! :christmas_tree:

Plants! :green_heart:

Bushes! :bug:

Volcano! :volcano:

Random creations

Coffee Cup! :coffee:

Popsicle! :ice_cream:

First mesh house! :house:

Lamp post! :flashlight:

The TREEhouse! :deciduous_tree:

Weapons / Tools

Axe! :axe:

Basic Sword! :crossed_swords:

Second Sword! :crossed_swords:


Boats commissioned by @SimplyRemove

Raft! :palm_tree:

Raft with sail! :palm_tree:

Average boat! :sailboat:

Large boat! :sailboat:

The ship! :pirate_flag:

Broken boat… :sad:

Stylized simulator pets

Pets made for Pet Adventures!


Stylized tornados! :tornado:

Lightning effect! :cloud_with_lightning:

Improvised fireball! :exploding_head:

I am available for 3-4 hours on weekdays, and around 4-6 hours on weekends.
Note: If I am busy with issues in real life, I’ll contact you immediately to arrange a new time.

Currently only accepting ROBUX payment.

Base prices can range from 5,000 & 30,000 robux for smaller assets, with larger projects being between 55,000 & 500,000 robux.

I’m most active on Discord, hit me up with a request and DM there! – You can also shoot me a direct message through the forums. :+1:

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a wonderful day! :hugs:



Thanks, and I totally agree!

I will definitely look into making my portfolio cleaner with more details on modeling prices in the future! :happy3:

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Can you make realistic vehicles? with out any scripting just the shell of the vehicle with out any interiors.

I haven’t experimented with realistic vehicles sadly, the best I can model at the moment is probably a cartoony theme as low poly as I can make it.

Maybe in the near future I’ll be able to make realistic meshes, hope this answers your question! :happy3:

This does not account for realistic building though! – I can still create some pretty realistic architecture using studio! :muscle:

ok that does thank you for your time.

Commissions are reopened! :partying_face:

Hey! Your discord seems to not work. No worries try mine T.o.p#2416. Hope I can work with you!

I’ve sent you a request!

I believe it may be in your discord settings that could be preventing you from sending it, I may be wrong though!

He makes some really good quality models and quickly as well! Would recommend :slight_smile:

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Really clean and detailed builder & modeler, would highly recommend to those looking to get some builds done fast and efficiently.

Also a great friend of mine. Build on! :sunglasses: :muscle:

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Sent a friend request on Dizzxcord!

Can u design humans?? Because I need bts models

Taking 1-2 more commission requests before closing them down again!

Please keep in mind that I’m not currently looking to do larger commissions such as maps at the moment! – Thank you! :hugs:

Added more work into the portfolio!

Commissions are now closed. – Thanks to all my clients who hired me, loved working on your projects. :slight_smile:

Commissions are open once again, finally got some time to get some awesome work done!

Updated the portfolio for a cleaner look, with some additional work! :partying_face:

Would definitely recommend, worked with him for a year. Great team player, exceptional in his style, and can work with deadlines.

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Hello I would like to hire you for a commission.
Please contact me on Discord for further details.
Discord: trumbama#1779

Updated the portfolio!

Commissions status will now always be up in the About Me! section.