Bachovar123: Builder for Hire!

About !

Hello, DevForum! My name is Bacho, if you are looking for a developer to make your place look as polished and well-developed as it can be, check out some of my work and see if I could be of service to you!

See some of my work!

^ this was a collab with my very good friend @Rasewga1551

Links to some of my builds!

What people think of me / My work!

Some notable people I have worked with include.

@Rasewga1551 (The best damn 3d modeler in the world and overall a great friend (he modeled everything that was inside the gym and cafe))
@Drawees (Double_Dev)
@AzurePoly (Creator of ‘‘Tower of Dread’’ (100M+ visits))


I can work anytime, I have no set schedule nor am I busy with any project at this moment.


Prices for all my builds are negotiable but for something to be worth my time I need at least 2,500 Robux (unless the thing I’m building is very small in which I can go for as low as 800).
For now I’m taking payment in Robux only.


If you wish to work with me, send me a private message here on devforum or on discord Bondo#7144 (my timezone is GMT+4, so give me some time to reply if you do decide to hire me :smiley: )


Very nice :sunglasses: . Those buildings look very cash money.

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Thanks for the good words man :smiley:

Commissions are still open , shoot me a message on devforum.

A M A Z I N G. This is amazing I would hire you but I am a builder…

Hey man , you’re great , I trurly appreciate all the niceness.

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Portfolio updated, looking for short term commissions at the moment.

Decent builder. Created a two story building for me and got it done within the day. I would hire him again.