Backdoor cannot be deleted


1. I click.

2. I locate (show in explorer doesn’t work).

3. I delete it.

4. Then I click the message in output, and it’s back. Go back to step one and repeat!

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

EDIT: I’m aware what this is and what it does. I need to delete it.
EDIT2: I’m not trying to weld, I’m trying to remove this script.

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So umm, who’s gonna tell him…?

So to clarify what’s happening:

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Yes I know it’s a backdoor, but I can’t delete it.

If you want to weld parts use the weld editor plugin.

To add onto what you said, another way to weld a model/parts via script would be to:

1.) SetPrimaryPart to a model
2.) Weld all other parts to PrimaryPart
3.) Unanchor all parts except PrimaryPart

Although I’m sure it’s just a ‘troll’ script he’s grabbed from the ToolBox

Hi, I am not trying to weld anything. I’m removing backdoors and I found one which will not remove. Please see the screenshots and comments.

I’m not struggling with welding.

maybe you or someone in your team create has a plugin on their roblox studio that re-adds it
try disabling all of your plugins and seeing if it comes back

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Good point.
Tried this, no affect.

did you check your team create members too? and then maybe there is a custom plugin, a .Lua file you have in your plugins folder that isnt in the roblox library

is the second image from during a test in studio? or while you’re editing outside of a test?

I think I know what it could be, this is inside TemporaryScriptService so when I open it it exists there.
Must mean that somewhere in my game this and another script exists, I’ll go search for it.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Make sure you are deleting the backdoor when the game is stopped.
  2. Delete any plugins that you have that might keep re-adding a script when it doesn’t exist.
  3. Make sure there aren’t multiple of the backdoors in your game and your getting a different output message every time you delete the script from a different script.
  4. Copy the whole game and put it into a new world to see if a teammate is the one who is inserting the script.
  5. Make sure there is not a script that inserts a script.

This is possibly the most common backdoor out there. just remove any excess lines from it (there might be a horizontal scrollbar, and if there is one, delete any excess lines from the script.

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Try running this code in the command bar when the game is stopped:

for i, v in pairs(game:GetDescendents()) do