Ban "Builders vs. Scripters" or "What Role Is Better" Topics

I wasn’t talking about banning them. It’s literally in the same sentence.

Oh, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I was not saying that you were talking about banning these type of topics, I was saying that I think that the DevForum would benefit if this topic was ban altogether. The point I intended to make was that I don’t even think that these topics should be merged into a mega-thread, I think they should be removed entirely.

My reasoning was that intermediate developers who are learning new skills most likely are aware of the pros and cons of a certain skill, and if they chose it anyway, they probably have a good reason. I don’t see how they benefit from constantly seeing these silly arguments which are not often applicable to practical situations.

For beginner-level developers, I would say that the goal for them is just to get started, and it is not very helpful to see these sort of “Role vs. Role” topics as they may cause discouragement. If a beginner chose to learn a skill because they were interested in it and were passionate about learning that skill, these posts most likely don’t help them.

Of course, if the common replies to these topics were well written, I may not be saying any of this, but the problem is that they are not. The replies to these “Role vs. Role” topics are often just heavily biased, emotionally driven, contest-like replies which are not helpful to anyone. After all, is the purpose of discussion not to progress an argument to come closer to a conclusion, or to progress the current status quo? These types of “Role vs. Role” topics don’t progress any debate that is practical, meaningful, or reasonable.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I know what you meant to say. I was countering your idea of even merging these topics into one mega thread by saying that even that should not be done since that mega-thread would most likely provide no constructive value to its readers.

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