Ban Panel (Arsenal Remake) You can now require the module!

Is this the vulnerability?


Just take the new code and It’s should be fine!

I will be honest with you
the vulnerability here is that the module didn’t check for authorization


Looks like you’ve missed authorization checks on the elseif statement.

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Do you have any feature that you would like to be added to the ban panel?

Kicking? Not sure what could be added.

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Like any feature… that could be connected to the ban panel

Very nice, looks like the arsenal panel but better!


I glad you like it, Hope it get a better use in the future


Looks really nice! I will use this!

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I glad you like it, do you have a suggestion for features that you would like to be added to the next version?


As many asked, Ban Panel v2.0 Is on the way and almost done!

Sneak peek:


Let multiple people access it, let certain teams access it, kick feature.

I do have a question. Is there a way that I can contact you? Like your discord?

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I may have discord in a few days

Can you explain that please…

Kick Feature Will be added to the new Version

Allow multiple users to see the UI and use it.

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All you have to do It’s just add username like this:

Oh, I didn’t know. (im not a scripter lol)

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It’s ok, I added Kick

(Just letting you know If you ban someone It’s automatically kick them)

Ok so I check the game in-studio and it won’t work. Maybe you can make a model for it?

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