Based Studios Community Rules & Guidelines

Based Studios
Rules & Guidelines
Written by @BasedMannn

      This handbook was written to ensure that our community is civil and appropriate for all 
   kinds of ages. Violations of these rules & conditions are punishable and may result in a 
                        group suspension or account moderation.

  By being a member of the group or upon joining the game, you are agreeing to the terms listed 
 below and are responsible for your own actions if any of the rules below are broken, Therefore 
                                       you will be held liable.

If you see anybody break the Roblox Terms of Services, please do report the action by clicking the “. . .” icon behind the post, then “Report Abuse”, or by flagging the user in-game.

1.In game terms

1.1 Act according the Roblox Terms of Services at all times.

1.2 Keep discussions civil and appropriate at all times.

1.3 Refrain from harassment or vulgar/derogatory language of any kind.

1.4 Any form of use in inappropriate symbols or radical/extremist nationality or sensationalism/political ideology leads to ban depending on how bad it was.

1.5 Don't even talk about raiding the group, exploiting or DDOsing it without the owners consent you will be permanently banned without appeal.

1.6 No abusing the mic system such as playing loud and obnoxious music, that has no place on roblox and certainly has no place here.

1.7  Advertising or spamming without the owners consent, results in a ban for 1 day.

1.8 Scamming of any kind is not allowed.
2.On Server Terms

2.1 Like in game, advertising or spamming without the owners consent, results in a ban for 1 day.
2.2 No foul language such as cussing or using slurs.
2.3 Bypassing is strictly forbidden.

2.4 Stay appropriate and respectful at all times.

2.5 Scamming is prohibited.

2.6 Act according the Community Terms of Services at all times.

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