Basic Admin Essentials V2 | Need help creating plugin commands w/ custom GUI's included!


Our group is currently looking for a way to use a points system with a custom BAE GUI. We are wanting to have multiple commands, including one where you can view a players leaderstats value in a custom GUI. The other commands will include adding onto the leaderstats, as well as remove points and resetting points to nil.

!points ~ Brings up a custom GUI of the points information, where you will be greeted with a box to write in username and a search button to search the stats of that person you wrote in.
!reset {player} ~ Resets the player(s) mentioned leaderstats value to 0.
!add {player} {value} ~ Adds the amount of points specified onto the player(s) leaderstats.
!remove {player} {value} ~ Removes the amount of points specified from the player(s) leaderstats - NOT going below 0.

Our scripter has tried creating this but has not seem to have any luck.

We are also in need of new permission levels. Any ideas on how we can make new permission levels? For example, it is default that there are 5 different permission levels like ‘mod’ ‘admin’ ‘superadmin’ and the rest that come with BA Essentials. We basically need to create more than those.

If you know what to do, we ask of your help. Thank you.


Can’t you use a simple .OnChatted event to see what the player has typed?

You can then compare that with a known string and then just modify the stats.


FYI your thread looks like more of an advertisement than a scripting support post.

Try looking at Adonis admin. Its open source and it has permission levels and similar components you could base your own system on.

There is also a great devforum post on this topic:


We want BA Essentials for a reason.

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My Scripter is viewing over this thread for any support on this so I’ll leave it up to him if he can do that

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I think regardless of what admin you’re using you can still implement the components from others. It shouldn’t matter.


I appreciate your comment, though as I have said before, there are reasons to why we have picked BA Essentials over other admin models.

Nevermind I got what you meant lmao.

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I can help you all out easily, contact me on discord whenever and I’ll be most positive to help you all out :slight_smile:

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Txppin, Discord username please?

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Josh.#8574, let me know if you send me a friend request.

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I have sent a friend request to you.

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I can help you out, I have worked with Basic Admin essentials before!
Contact me on Discord: DaleTheWhale#3443


I sent a friend request. Please reply once you are able to.


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