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I want to make a function that if someone said or typed in console “ban all” or “pban all” or “kick all”, the executor would instantly get banned from the server (temporary).

If anyone has any ideas, (this should be made in basic admin module not as plugin)
please DM me. Thank you.

Discord: ariy#5951

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Read this post: How to make basic admin commands

It has a lot of useful information.

Already looked into it, I want to modify @TheFurryFish basic admin module. Not create my own.

From this post it’s looking like you want someone to make it for you?

Well, pretty much I guess, I just need some help.

Basic Admin Essentials has a “Plugin” functionality, but IMO it doesn’t look user friendly.

Did you read I don’t want plugin I need it in main module. :sweat_smile:

Have you looked at the module?

Yes but it doesn’t work when I create a new command called pban all and I do game.Players.LocalPlayer:Kick(“Automatic Admin Abuse”) that didn’t work.

Might be because the admin separates the message pban all into command = pban and arguments = {all} and so when it looks for a command it looks for pban instead of pban all

I think you have to modify the already existing command, not make a new one.

my scripting experience doesnt know how to do that for now so I’m asking here

still looking for a solution! (30 chars)

please anyone (30 characthers)

You can always remove arguments “all”, “others”, “nonadmins”, “admins” so to execute command they have to include only one player or seperate them all with comma. You can change it in the MainModule.
Or for example you can create a script so if someone will say in chat or in console “pban all” then it will automatically kick them unless it is a head administrator or smth.

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Thanks, but I want them to be kicked not arguments to be removed, but it’ll help.

i prefer adonis and what i did there was
if args[1] == “all” then
args[1] = plr

this checks if arg 1 equals to all and if so set the argument to the player.
i think your script might work the same way