Basics of Game Logo Design Process and Base Structuring Tutorial [Jan9 Update]

Pompkin is the best artist ever.


I would certainly recommend a brown wood-like textured pattern for the letters.

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Thanks for the post, you have no idea how useful it is to so many people!


Incredible tutorial, helped greatly thank you!


As someone who’s recently gotten into typography, this is extremely helpful! Thank you!

Maybe a little bit late, but this tutorial is very useful! Thanks! :smile:

This is amazing! Thank you for putting time and effort into this it helps a lot!! :smiley: <3

And yes, you’re still helping 2 years later lol time flies

What if you don’t have these expensive programs then?

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Loved this tutorial, made something with my new skills but probably could be better :smiley:

All made in a vector app: Assembly


Try photopea or paint dot net (30 chars)

If you still want an adobe program, I recommend adobe xd for the free version

This is just great… dont have to look for logo designer :sweat_smile: