Be able to post lessons/tutorials

I think that you should be able to create lessons/tutorials on the developer forum. This feature would allow users to create lessons/tutorials and charge robux for them. The robux charging would be built into the forum and the lessons would be pre-recorded. Roblox would check each lesson by hand and it would cost an amount to post a course.


  • new way for developers to earn money

  • easier for people to learn within roblox

  • Higher quality content


  • Bad moderation could lead to scams

Hello I am _____. I am a scripter. This is my course on how to make a simple FPS system. In this course you will learn how to model guns, script projectiles and register input.

This course costs only 1k robux

I think this would be great but I would like to know other peoples opinions. If there is already a way to this or in a slightly different way please let me know

Their is #resources:community-tutorials which is tutorials by players for players…

Is there a convenient way to charge robux

Why would there be a need to charge Robux if you can get free tutorials on the forums. That’s why the tutorials are there for people who need them and are trying to make something and don’t know how.


would it encourage people to make them on more complex topics such as perlin noise

Well maybe they could implement a level system (easy, normal, hard) but that would fit more on the developer hub rather than the forums…


When users post tutorials of contribute through other means on the forum they don’t do it because they expect a reward. Adding this would incentivize users to make and charge for tutorials just for the sake of getting a monetary reward, not because they have any actual interest in sharing their knowledge.


thank you for the feedback, that makes more sense now

Relevant feature request (read the solution for why this wouldn’t be a good idea):

In general you can already post lessons and tutorials but if they’re going on the DevForum then they’re also going to be free. If you want to charge, set up your own platform to do so.

There is a solution for this. It’s called YouTube. You make videos, you put them online. If they are good, people watch them and you can get paid advertising dollars for people viewing them. Or even charge for subscriptions (e.g. AlvinBlox).

Honestly there’s no way I’m gonna pay up front (even Robux) for some random person’s tutorial when half the tutorials I see on YouTube (by people who think they are awesome) are just a waste of time.

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