Becoming a better builder

Hey all so I’ve been thinking, I have been a builder on Roblox for about a year and some months now and I really don’t think I’m making any progress anyways long story short for all you professional builders our there what are some tips and tricks that you can give me that’ll make me improve as a builder.

Check out my portfolio and give me feedback, please. It’ll be greatly appreciated.
Check out my portfolio


Try a different method of doing the same things you do with building, you might find a faster approach to developing

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My Personal advise would be to keep practicing and watching lots of tutorials. Something I do when building is I’ll finish the build make a copy of it and do my best to add more detail. And I’ll repeat that process until I have something that I like. I’m not sure if this happens to you but I know for me personally when working on a project I get to a stage where I don’t like how the build is going and I’ll start over or backtrack a bunch. When reaching a point like this keep pushing forward and keep editing it until you have something your happy with. Another thing for my personal builds which helped add detail and improve the overall quality I found was Blender. Even knowing the basics can help reduce part counts as well as making shapes and what not that you can’t achieve or are more complicated to make in Studio. Hopefully you were able to get something out of this.

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Can you elaborate on that, please?

I’ll definatley try it out. Thanks for commenting and helping!

I wouldn’t really know how to elaborate on something that you have to find out for yourself, something easy may be hard for someone else

Okay if you can’t go into detail don’t bother commenting…

Practice/ reiterate on the same build style. You’ll improve a lot faster

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Thank you so muchhh ! I will :wink:

My suggestion would be to build something, then take apart that build and put as much detail as possible into every aspect of it. Really think about each object, and how that object fits in with the rest of the scene.

Although, learning how to make something look detailed without it actually being super detailed is important as well.

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  • Use reference pictures, start with something relatively simple like a modern house or fast food place. Move on to something more complex, a town hall etc., with the intention of improving your attention to detail and overall aesthetic as you build something harder and harder.

  • Use smaller increments. If you aren’t already, .1 or .05 are best when it comes to detailing.

  • Make different styles. A low-poly aesthetic for instance, or a realistic build.

  • Use plugins. Plugins like Archimedes, Gapfill, Studio Build Suite, 3D Text Maker etc., all go a long way when it comes to detail and adding immersion to your build.

  • Improve on what you’ve already done.

  • Most importantly, be critical of yourself. Is this good enough? What can I improve on? What did I do wrong? Maybe I should start over? (if it’s not good enough) By being critical of yourself, you are setting a standard for yourself.

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There are excellent topics that leaves useful information and tips. I recommend doing a quick search before creating a new thread just to avoid repeating questions as this gets asked very often. I’ll dive into a few plugins to take along the building experience experiment with a style your wanting to approach.

As a tip for becoming a better builder or wanting to improve your skills it all comes down to practice and patients. Since you’ve already been starting you want to produce or find a style your wanting to create with different builds always find objects based off of a reference image keep experimenting with different styles And technique.

You can improve by looking gathering a few images of the things you want to create and ways to make them look good. For example, you can possibly build small scenes or showcases based off other images or real life scene and try to replicate them inside studio. As I said before there’s a bunch of topics on how to get better at building or if your looking for tips on ways to improve my building skills. See here:

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You actually seem pretty good at building right now, your style isn’t exactly terrible or anything even though personally I feel it’s a little too simplistic for my taste, which is just a nitpick of mine as simple builds can look as great as complex builds.

If you want to improve as a builder, I highly recommend trying to challenge yourself. Think of more complex and bigger builds to attempt. Try lots of new ideas. The more practice you get, the more your experience will grow.

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I’d say that you should try harder and come up with designs that best fits your game.

For Example:

RPG Adventure Games:

  • Usually goes well with low poly
  • Has a Cartoony look

Horror Games:

  • Has a mucn more realistic look.
  • Goes well with materials in the studio as well as custom materials.

(Also, try using different materials and make patterns with them. It adds a whole lot of detail and it will be worth it. I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face: )

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I absolutely see where you’re coming from and that’s my problem. I don’t know how to add more detail to the buildings I make.

Hey man my biggest advice would be to watch a lot of building videos and then possibly trying to use them as references to make your own!

Also completely out of the question but you might want to make your portofolio in the DevForum. Its gonna get a lot more attention!

When building map borders, I suggest instead of making them squares, try making them hexagons or pentagons. Similar to the ones in the simulator. Furthermore you can build terrain like mountains just like how adopt me does it. I highly suggest learning low poly first instead of doing work with textures as low poly can teach you ways to add detail without having to worry about adding textures just yet. If you’re going to build with textures, I suggest building with the WOOD texture and the WOODEN PLANK texture as the textures is easy to make it look “nice” in builds. Below is an example of how you can apply the textures to your builds:

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