Been always wanting to learning scripting but don't know how

Hey, I am currently trying to learn scripting and building and create some games for fun and I’ve had people tell me to go watch AlvinBlox’s series on scripting or something similar and honestly, I don’t really want to do that, I mostly just wanna go out and just start creating and whenever I find an issue I just search it up on here but I don’t think this is the most optimal way or best way for me to learn scripting but watching a series just feels boring.

Also, I am not a noob at coding, I know html and css pretty fluent and I am also currently learning c++.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!


Yeah you have the right idea but learning the absolute basics does help, then once you know that you can try to start creating things on your own and looking up things you don’t know and before you know it you’ll be creating amazing things, you got this!

If you really dont wan’t to learn by watching videos, your best bet is to look through the documentation and look at the examples in there. Roblox also has started putting out example builds for new technology when they get released so you could try looking at some of those. Best example being the new Audio and Voice APIs that are currently in Beta. But honestly you should possibly try learning the basics of Lua either by watching videos or being taught by someone who is willing to help as that will help out a lot.

Your knowledge of HTML and CSS will only help you so far since they aren’t programming languages, but they can actually be used in Roblox when rendering text in things like TextBoxes if you enable the RichText property, which can allow for some easy styling.

If you already have experience, the docs are a phenomenonal place to learn. Just look up any object you can place or interact with in the explorer to see what properties, events and functions it has. This however will require at least some familiarity with some of the stuff that is roblox specific. If you aren’t to a point where you can just use the docs to lookup what you need, I recommend studying the basics more or watching those videos or following tutorials even if you don’t necessarily want to just to build up some more foundation.

C++ is a great foundation depending on how far you are (lua is written in c). But html and css won’t be as useful.

I will probably watch a series then as the others have also suggested that.