Best GFX applications for beginners

First of all, I know this topic might’ve been made many times, I just couldn’t find a topic.

So, what applications should beginner GFX designers use? Should it be Adobe or something?

Thank you.


Most likely for very starters, Blender and (free), as you get on you can switch to Cinema 4d or Photoshop. :smiley:


Most people use

  • Blender


  • Photoshop



NOTE: I would like an application that is free to use and doesn’t cost anything to use.


100% would use photoshop, although it does cost money.

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For free software (software don’t have to pay for) I would recommend using Blender for rendering and gimp or for editing. For paid software (software you have to pay money for, mostly through a monthly subscription) I would recommend Cinema 4D (substance painter also goes along well with this) for rendering and Adobe Photoshop for editing. All of these options have many tutorials and are pretty available so just googling them should allow you to find a download. I hope this helps!


Since you’re looking for free software have you ever used It’s a cool software that people recommend a lot of special rendering 3D modeling, especially when creating character rendering such as GFX. This is a great software to use in my opinion. - Gimp I do see people have recommended it a lot. You could start learning some new things that are for beginners here like this post for example tutorial. It does seem to have some good tutorials on youtube and the forum, it’s actually easy to use if you practice and learn, and it’s free. It takes some basic understanding to produce good graphics with these programs.

Overall, I don’t have that much to say since there are similar topic to this one already exists on the forums. I recommend doing some quick research before creating a new thread.

This thread has a couple of free programs that could be used for (creating or editing) 2D PFP/ thumbnail GFX/ icons ect.


I recommend canva or for beggining later you can switch to Affinity Photo , Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai

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Do you have cinema 4d? It is SUPER expensive.

For doing renders I’d highly recommend using Blender which is free. Whilst it looks intimidating at first glance and takes some getting used to, once you know the basics it becomes super easy to make Roblox renders with how easy it is to pose avatars with rigs.

There’s a LOT of helpful tutorials on YouTube on how to pose a Roblox Rig & how to make GFX’s. One simple search will bring up a tonne of videos by talented people. I know a video by PicklePie on how to use a Roblox rig in blender has been exceedingly helpful to some people. You can check it out here. It teaches you the basics of rigs & how to render them. She also has other helpful tutorials like how to add HD textures to objects.

For editing, you could use something like Paint.Net which I know plenty of Roblox GFX artists use, or Photopea which is like an online version of Photoshop but free! I’d personally recommend using something simple like these to begin with so you can teach yourself techniques and grasp the basics before splurging out for something like photoshop or another editing program as they can be quite pricey. Find something that works for you, and then stick with it.

Thanks. I mostly wanted to do 2d art only, but I will also use blender for other things such as a game icon like arsenal.

I suppose it’d depend on what kind of 2D things you’d want to make then, because you could still do 2D things with Blender, it’ll just depend on how you use it, etc. If you’re just making icons, you can use Blender to render Roblox images to give them higher quality to put on the icon, that’s what most people making GFX do. Either way, I hope it goes well! Sounds like a very interesting project! :relaxed:

I would highly recommend Blender 2.82. It’s more user friendly than blender 2.79, and you will get more features. The only downside to learning Blender is the learning curve, since learning all CG software is rather difficult. If you want to make better scenes, learn how to model meshes, and learn how to use nodes. Lighting is also important to learn, as everyone messes up with lighting. I’d recommend looking at channels like CGCookie, Blender Guru, Iridesium and Ducky3D.

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As a beginner I used blender and photoshop.

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