[Best Hotels] Hiring Developers

About Us

Best Hotels is looking for a team of full time developers. We provide payments per project/asset, and we are flexible with prices. Our group is currently hiring a variety of developers, including builders, scripters, graphic artists, and more. As we move into a new version, V3, we are looking to step up our development and form a team, rather than constantly commissioning new individuals. If you are interested in a position, feel free to keep reading this post. Everything written here is crucial to becoming a team member, so please pay careful attention if you are thinking about applying for a position.

The Team

Development Overseer: @szekio
Lead Developer: @ComboYolo
Builder 1: @szekio
Builder 2: (Spot Open)
Scripter: @Diamond9195
3D Modeler 1: @fudgehamster2
3D Modeler 2: (Spot Open)
Graphic Artist: (Spot Open)

Please note: Although we don’t have a scripter spot open, we are still willing to add a scripter spot if an applicant truly impresses us.

About The Position(s)

Builder: We are looking for a second builder to assist with future projects and updates. Payment will be by project.
3D Modeler: We are looking for a second 3D Modeler to assist with creating assets for our current project (V3) and for future projects. Payment will be by asset.
Graphic Artist: We are looking for one Graphic Artist (preferably scene render artist) to create graphics for V3. Specifically, 2/3 thumbnails and 4 logos in addition to future needed graphics. Payment will be by graphic.
Scripter: Although the chances of us accepting another scripter are slim, we are willing to to look at work and take scripter applications into consideration. Scripters will need to be experienced in creating systems that our group would need.

Depending on the position, you will be ranked Noted Guest or Developer in the group, and Developer in the discord. Anyone who needs studio access will be granted Developer in the group. If your position doesn’t require studio to be completed, you will be ranked Noted Guest in the group, and developer in our discord; few exceptions made. You will also receive in-game credits depending on the game, and credits in the game description of each group game you have worked on.


We are paying by robux only. We have a large budget and we are willing to pay what our developers ask per asset as long as it is reasonable. Payment questions can be directed to @szekio.

Contact Us

You must be 13+ to apply. If you are interested in applying, please contact hunter.#3453 on discord and send the following:

Desired Position:
Payment per asset:
Additional Notes:
Work Examples:

After filling this out and sending it, we will respond letting you know that your application is under review. After 42 hours maximum, we will get back to you with application results. Thank you for taking interest in our group, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact @szekio.


I can help you I make logos so im supposing you might want someone to help you for graphics StudTemplate (Logo Designer For Hire)

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Are you looking for bot developers?
Because I can help.
Discord: boI#0171

Interested, here’s my application:


3D Modeler

6 months of experience

150 Robux Minimum, changes depending on size, design and time

Portfolio: Advanced Low-Poly and Mid-Poly Modeler for Hire! (CLOSED)

Discord: RocketScript#5634

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