Best method for a gamepass-only door?

I used a new script that just teleports the character, my game is R15 only and most of the corners are too thick to be glitched through. Thanks for the advice however, I am currently trying to detect if that happens

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There are many ways of detecting if a player is within a certain area.

To keep it simple, you could simply make a hit part and use the .Touched event.

I know exactly what you’re talking about. There is a workaround for this case, luckily. It allows for only the owner of the gamepass to pass through, and it keeps those who don’t have the pass from entering. It does not deal with any direct collision configurations nor any “wait” timers.

Try my game below. It is free to copy/take. Enjoy, and I hope that this answers your question!

(Also, make sure you rejoin after you buy the 1R$ gamepass, or else it’ll prompt you to buy it again for some reason.)