Best method for hit boxs?

Hello, everyone! I’ve recently been working on my game and have noticed a lot of complaints on hitboxes etc. I use Region3 for my hitboxes and was wondering if I’m doing something wrong is there another method of getting hitboxes to work better?

Most of my spells rotate constantly so I don’t know if that messes up the region or anything like that.
Like getting the hitbox of a rotated part.

Sorry, if I was unclear about anything still new to the developer forums.

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Use raycasting with a margin of error instead, it’ll be a lot more efficient and there won’t be hit “boxes”, it’ll be more of a humanoid shape.

I use Raycast Hitbox for most of my hitboxes, its pretty performant and accurate.


For my game, we use raycast hitboxes but the only downside is the certain hats people wear. For example if they wear the “Porta Potty” Porta Potty - Roblox
image it makes it hard hit them and detain them

You can change the hit box settings in the roblox game settings, perhaps that might help.

If the spells rotate and the region3 does not, why not just use rotated region3 module to better fit the hotbox?

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Thanks for the help, I’ll try it out!

For swords and other melee weapons, i use @TeamSwordphin 's raycast hitbox module.
For projectiles, i use @EtiTheSpirit 's FastCast module
For anything else, i use region3 or touched