Best Substitute to Part.Touched?

Hello! I am currently working on optimizing zombies in a game of mine, and one thing I wanted to tackle is the fact that zombies can seemingly at random do ungodly amounts of damage.

Even with a cooldown, one script for the entire character, etc. the zombies can still seem to randomly do an insane amount of damage. I narrowed the problem to simply being Part.Touched, considering how it has been unstable for me in the past, and can some times detect one touch as 4-5.

So anyone know the best (reliable) substitute to Part.Touched in this case?

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A simple search got me this:

Please search the forums before posting.


Are u using a hitbox on the zombies or are using all parts on the zombie. Detecting multiple parts on a singular zombie will lead to multiple hits. I would suggest welding a hitbox to each zombie and detect collisions with that.

That was more or less my fault, I always end up forgetting that you can search directly via the forums. I used google for searching, which ended up showing nothing useful.

My bad.


It’s only using one object, A hitbox. Either way previous commenter had solved this.