Best way to check if a player is in this zone?

Here’s a picture of it, what’s the best way to check if someone is in there?


I was thinking a Touched event however I’ve tried it before and would think a player has left once they jump. Was thinking Region3, however I don’t think Region3 can be a shape to suit the zone.

You would probably use region3 or make a part and use GetTouchingParts().

Would Region3 workout as it’s curved? I think Region3 is only a box

If I ever wanted to do this I would just create an invisible part with cancollide set to false, this part should be on the same place as the zone but scaled higher so that when the player jumps it still counts. The touched event is not on the base but on the invisible one. It works fine for me this way.

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Also if you don’t mind me asking, how did you get that shape? Did you use blender or union/negate or something else… I’m just wondering because I am absolutely terrible when it comes to shapes & building etc.

Nope, just some Cylinders at the end of normal Block parts, which creates the rounded effect

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