Best way to check if a position is inside of a part

Right now im making a no clip check and im needing to check if a position is inside of a part
how would I detect if a position is inside a part
not a part inside another part but some math to check if its inside or not

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found this, dunno if it helps

Try looking into GetPartBoundsInBox and GetPartBoundsInRadius.

function isPointInVolume(point: Vector3, volumeCenter: CFrame, volumeSize: Vector3): boolean
    local volumeSpacePoint = volumeCenter:PointToObjectSpace(point)
    return volumeSpacePoint.X >= -volumeSize.X/2
        and volumeSpacePoint.X <= volumeSize.X/2
        and volumeSpacePoint.Y >= -volumeSize.Y/2
        and volumeSpacePoint.Y <= volumeSize.Y/2
        and volumeSpacePoint.Z >= -volumeSize.Z/2
        and volumeSpacePoint.Z <= volumeSize.Z/2

function isPointInPart(point: Vector3, part: BasePart): boolean
    return isPointInVolume(point, part.CFrame, part.Size)

Should work, can’t test it right now. You might want to use > and < instead depending on your needs.


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