Best way to get the positions of the vertices of a part

I’m trying to get the positions of the vertices of this part at any orientation

What would be the best way to go about this?
I’ve provided a diagram to show what I mean

So there are 8 vertices on this part that I want the position of


For more complex polynomials I’m not too sure. But for your specific example, you could probably just offset from the base position of the part to get each of the four corners.

local partCF = workspace.somePart.CFrame
local partSize = workspace.somePart.Size

local topLeft = partCF *, partSize.Y/2, 0)
local topRight = partCF *, partSize.Y/2, 0)

local bottomRight = partCF *, -partSize.Y/2, 0)
local bottomLeft = partCF *, -partSize.Y/2, 0)
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