Best way to handle perks/buffs

Title basically explains it, how do I go about making a way to add perks/boost to a character, what is the framework that I should use for this in a way that is expandable in the future.

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To be honest this question is highly, if not entirely, subjective and dependent on the specific game you would like to create. There might be some obvious limits like not making a perk so powerful for one player that it essentially makes them invincible to any other player. However even this is dependent on if the game style is PvP.

Definitely OOP.

Yea that is an issue too, though my question is how do I code it in a way that can be expandable so I don’t have to scroll through like 30 scripts just to add one line. So basically how to code it, but yea balancing will be figured out later too!

Lol yea oop is the way to go, my last game was not oop and it was torture just to change one aspect of the game, though if I use oop, should I just have some base multiplier or something in there because even then, if I add a new effect I don’t know a good way to make it carry over well

Here’s something I replied similarly to what you’re looking for. Hopefully this helps you but if not I’m happy to help out on questions you have on why it wouldn’t work, but I suggest you play around with the code to learn more OOP.