Best way to make a drag Gui script?

Hi guys, i recently wanted to do a drag gui script, you hold your mouse on any part of the gui, then you can drag it freely

I recently made a module for this if you want you could use it. It’s pretty simple to use. If you’re sill unsure of how to use it you could ask me.

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No no, i mean, i want to do a roblox script to exploit, so i need it on a LocalScript , no modules, thanks for your help tho

Umm is that even appropriate to ask?

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I think it doesn’t but i need help so

Why would you ask for help on an exploit on the Devforum?

Fr tho imagine roblox seeing this. They could ban you. And also, why would you want to exploit???

His maybe trying to make one of those Gui exploits. Well, we already know what to put on the ban list though.

fr this person wants to exploit, why

I dont want to perjudicate Nobody, that’s not what i am made of

Still, it’s inappropriate for you to ask this kind of question. You could easily get ban.


Yeah, i am dumb so i didnt notice that, Anyways, there are good people nowadays

You can still require it by putting the module’s id instead of the directory. So for the draggable gui module it would be:

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The client cannot require an asset id though.

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