Best Way to Make a Functioning TV?

I’ve been working on a showcase type game lately, and was wondering what the best method was for creating a television capable of displaying videos preferably multiple minutes long. I’ve looked into spritesheets, but they seem to downgrade video resolution too much when over a few seconds long. Uploading the frames individually works but seems way too time-consuming. Are there any other methods for adding in-game videos?

Well, you could make it a photo frame; but making a frame visible then invisible would take a long time as you said, and I believe Roblox will introduce Video Frames, also to add a video on a part, you can basically add a SurfaceGui into that part, and add a VideoFrame.

How to test out VideoFrame

You have the videos section but you’re highly limited in the currently available videos.

Does this allow for custom videos or just ones already made by Roblox?

back in 2020 it was said the ability to upload custom videos was coming next but we still waiting

Yeah it’s weird, you’d think two years would be enough. Plus, annoyingly the existing videos don’t work for me either, they just look like flashing colors.

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i think the main problem is for Roblox to make sure videos getting uploading are within the rules and are not copyrighted

Unfortunately, only those created by ROBLOX are available. As @5uphi pointed out, the option to upload bespoke videos was promised in 2020, but we never received it, and we are still waiting, so. But I hope I was able to assist you with the VideoFrame since you can now construct a working TV, albeit without the videos of your choice. At the very least, you now know how to make a working TV in case ROBLOX ever decides to add the ability to submit custom videos.

Yeah, I’ll see if i can get the existing videos to work, thanks for your help.

Good luck! And anytime, if you need anything else feel free to contact me. :revolving_hearts:

I made a plugin where you can import png frames as hexadecimal and a free model which can read that without lag. Video Importer Plugin & Simple to use Video Player