Best way to make an oven door open?

What would be the best way to design a tween / lerp to open an oven door when its clicked, given the door is a model.

Only reason its a problem is I ideally need it to rotate around the bottom point instead of the centre point.

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You can simply use tweening.


That isn’t helpful, I even agnowledged tweeting in my post.

I need to tween the door in a way that it rotates around a certain point, in this scenario at the bottom of the part. Tweening, at least normal tweening, would not achieve this effect.

That’s the reason why I linked that post. You can create a pivot point to where the model will rotate around.

In this case, the pivot point of the model in the post is the hinge. You can do the same thing for your oven. Just make the “bottom of your part” a hinge.

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I know you want to use tween / lerp however Motor6D Is super useful for creating doors since you can rotate things around A fixed set point, which allows for easy implementation for things like a door.

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Motor6D’s have always scared me, therefor I tend to avoid them. I don’t dispute your point just trying to explain why I didn’t really want to result to that.